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Oil of sunflower seeds remains the most popular and demanded for many years. Up to 70% of all vegetable oil produced in Ukraine is made of sunflower. Such oil is made from seeds of sunflower which is grown up in many countries in large quantities. Thanks to the low cost of raw materials and low cost of manufacture process this oil is one of the most affordable and popular.

Types of sunflower oil

Unrefined oil

Crude or unrefined oil is considered to be the most useful as it keeps all useful substances of sunflower seeds. Such type of oil is made in the cold and hot way.

In case of the first method the cold extraction of seeds is made, oil is filtered and is not exposed to any further handling. Such product is considered the most useful, however a storage duration is very short. Oil has dark saturated color, specific aroma, the deposits are allowed.

The second way of production of crude oil is hot pressing. Before an extraction seeds of sunflower are heated up, after an extraction physical methods of purification (a filtration, centrifugation, freezing) can be applied, but no chemicals are used. Oil becomes more transparent, but it practically isn’t reflected on its taste and useful properties in any way.

Crude oil can’t be used for frying at all, as it loses all useful properties  during a heat treatment  and becomes very harmful to organism.

Refined oil

The refined oil is received by extraction. Seeds of sunflower are filled in with organic solvent which is removed after the release of oil. After such process it becomes transparent, light yellow colored, it has practically no smell, but there is also no taste and advantages of it are very little. Such product can be used for frying of food, but you should not abuse it.

Advantages of sunflower oil

The amount of useful substances containing in this type of oil can vary depending on the place and conditions of growth of sunflowers and a method of handling. But anyway this product is E vitamin-rich (it is contained in this oil most of all), A, D, group B, minerals, inulin, tannins, and also fatty acids, the main part of which is provided by nonsaturated fatty acids. The low price makes it to be one of the most affordable products, undoubtedly, exerting positive impact on the health.

Sunflower oil makes a complex positive impact on the organism (unrefined oil).

The complex of unsaturated fatty acids united by one term – vitamin F (by the way, it isn’t synthesized in a human body) is necessary for an organism for a normal fatty exchange. With the help of this vitamin the level of a “harmful” cholesterin in a blood decreases, the metabolism of fats improves thanks to what oil of sunflower helps to lose weight.

Oil renders mild purgative effect, leads to digestion improvement, stimulates work of a liver and bile-excreting system. It helps to adjust the process of natural purification of organism. Good work of the alimentary system has a good affect on functioning of all organism and is reflected in appearance.

The vitamin and mineral complex leads to strengthening of immune system. Vitamin E which is a potent antioxidant protects organism cells from a senilism, possesses antitumoral action, improvement of skin and hair condition.

The use of crude oil has also a positive impact on a nervous system. It is used also as a basis for the feeding and moistening face packs, srubs and wrappings for a body.

Disadvantages of sunflower seeds oil

Oil of sunflower seeds won’t do any harm if not to abuse it. It is enough to add 2–3 tablespoons of unrefined oil to cold dishes to bring a benefit to organism. But you also shouldn’t be fond of refined oil. Using it for frying of dishes it is necessary to add it in the minimum quantities and not to overheat.

Caloric content of oil is rather high (899 kcal in 100g). That should be considered using a product in diets for weight loss.