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Demineralized whey milk powder is a product received as a result of drying of cottage cheese, subcheese or casein serums from which the part of mineral salts is removed. The demineralized dry powder differs from natural serum in the improved organoleptic characteristics, bigger solubility and smaller acidity. There are allocated several extents of demineralization from 20 to 90%.

Whey (serum) powder has a sweet dairy taste, sometimes with saltish or sourish smack. It is a fine powder where availability of the lumps which are easily scattered in case of mechanical impact is allowed. Color is from white to cream. The product is characterized by the high content of protein and lactose.

The dry demineralized whey can be used as a part of some products as alternative to the fat-free powdered milk to decrease the product value.

Areas and industries of application

  1. Demineralized serum (whey powder) is applied in production of dairy and fruit drinks, particularly in drinks with addition of natural fruit juice. Unlike not demineralized serum, demineralized one possesses smaller buffer reservoir (to keep a capability of solution a constant concentration of certain ions) that leads to decrease in acidity of drinks and favorably affects a taste.
  2. In production of meat products (sausages, ham, pastes) adding the dry demineralized serum allows to reduce probability of formation of bouillon hypostases and to increase an exit of a ready-made product.
  3. In production of dairy drinks, milk and cottage cheese products, processed cheeses and dietary fermented milk products.
  4. In production of ice cream and desserts the usage of demineralized serum powder promotes increase of foaming of dairy products and increase in amount.
  5. The usage of demineralized whey in baby food allows to bring a ratio of “serumal proteins/casein” to women’s milk as close as possible.
  6. In production of confectionery and bakery products (gingerbreads, cakes, cookies, candies, butter bread). Rich bread with addition of demineralized whey powder has the same volume and quality as the bread with addition of powdered skim milk but differs in longer storage period.

Production technology

The raw materials for production of demineralized whey are dairy subcheese, casein and cottage cheese serums.

The demineralized whey is produced as a result of separation of the part of mineral substances (salts).

Demineralization of whey can be carried out by ionic exchange, an electrodialysis and also a nanofiltration (for a partial desalting).

Main stages of engineering procedure:

  • acceptance, accounting and storage of whey with a mass fraction of solids of 22%;
  • pasteurization, deoxidation (for cottage cheese and casein);
  • condensation to solids mass fraction of 45%;
  • crystallization;
  • drying and packing.

The feature of demineralization of whey is the decrease in titrable acidity during processing due to decrease in content of organic acids and sour salts. Besides, the content of nitrogenous substances decreases (amino acids, urea), ashes, solubility of serum increases, the serum becomes more sweet after demineralization. The quality of whey improves.