Sunflower oil cake can be obtained after oilseed pressed with remaining substance. What is it? This product is processing many useful trace elements and proteins. Oil cake – a valuable additive used in the animal feeding, an important component for the animal feeding. For domestic animals which are called as pets this substitute is indispensable, because of the high energy value it consists. It is obtained by the sunflower meal, cedar, canola, soybeans and other plants.

Food processing sunflower seeds

Sunflower oil is a very common product in our country. It is the substitute part of many food plants such as oil and used in its own production. After pressing the seeds at a certain weight there becomes a cake. What is it and what are its beneficial properties? Composition of sunflower meal is rich enough: proteins (40%), fat (10%), and fiber. Also, weight itself has almost all the same useful minerals, trace elements, which are parts of the seed. Therefore, all these elements make the Sunflower cake extremely useful for pets. They are going to have significantly increased immunity, accelerated metabolism. This is also a great food for chickens: they can produce better eggs.


Another product that can be obtained after processing sunflower seeds is called as meal. In fact, it is almost the same as the cake. However, there are some differences. Extraction, is obtaining oil by certain chemical reactions affect the composition of processed products. Schrot is consisted pretty poor on the fat, they constitute less than 2% of the total weight. However, the protein content is high – about 43%. This is the main component of animal feed, especially for young animals. Thanks to it, young animals will be able to gain weight well, grow faster, with a strong immune system.